Cosplayers at WonderCon

Every year I am amazed at the creativity and perfection that people are able to put into their cosplaying. From exact replicas to character mash-ups, the cosplaying community is able to bring characters and worlds to life whether it is from a popular series or an obscure idea that only a few people know of.

I am also excited that the diversity of cosplayers this year has grown exponentially and I can’t help but thank the positivity and support that so many have been giving. WonderCon itself has had many panels on inclusivity of cosplayers including Copositive: Cosplay with Confidence and Over30Cosplay Costume Advice and Cosplay Support for the Mature Cosplayer.

I am happy that those going to the conventions as adults and those that will grow up with WonderCon will be able to feel confident cosplaying and see those who aren’t represented be responded to with positivity.

Without further ado, here are my favorite Cosplays from WonderCon 2018.


Star Trek Science Officer FTW!
Hot Luigi? Just go with it.   @cave8theman
Gorgeous, groovy, glittery Garnet.
Ten and Four are coming to save us!
Digging this Star Wars mash-up.
@darthpool20bby and @real_yin_cosplay


It’s the whole crew!
Just three buds hanging out.   @lianne507 and @justicevan
Can you feel the love?
Powdered Toast Man!
(Technically this is from 3 years ago, but it’s a classic)



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